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Map of restaurant in surrounding
Restaurant information Map °°We introduce the restaurant of famous from among a lot of restaurants in local. There are the customer limitation privileges, so please ask the reception desk.
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Please enjoy the original italian food with fresh food that you feel season of Japan in the space it adds an oriental taste to the atmosphere of South Italy. We'll wait for you with many kinds of wine, the cocktail, and the comfortable service.(Naoto Someya)

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 2000 ~ 5000 yen
°Ł10% is discounted by bringing the coupon ( only dinner)
°ŁPetit-dessert is served only of female limitation dinner

Ristorante Tiara
You get eating the delicious Italian food in the restaurant of quiet atmosphere. You can eat the dishes of the chef who pile up training by °»Queen Alice°….

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 1050 ~ 3500 yen
°ŁThe combustion cake is served by bring the coupon. (only dinner)

Salvatore Cuomo
You can be readily satisfied of the genuine taste of the pizza enough cheese fragrantly baked with the iron pot and the dishes of Naples, etc.

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 1000 ~ 2000 yen
°Ł10% is discounted by bringing the coupon.

China menhansyubo°°£»£Ń£Ō°™
Here is a restaurant where you can readily eat real Chinese.

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 800 ~ 3000 yen
°Ł10% is discounted by bringing the coupon.

The cooks grill the Hiroshima okonomiyaki with a big iron plate.

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 1700 ~ 2500 yen
°Ł10% is discounted by bringing the coupon.

You can eat the sushi with the fresh ingredient sent directly from Tukiji everyday in a reasonable price.

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 2100 ~ 3500 yen
°Ł°»miso soup°… or °»ice cream°… is served by bringing the coupon.

SAKA BAR Shinsuke
You can eat the Japanese food dishes based on the fresh seafood sent directly from Tukiji everyday. The interior atmosphere settled as you relax there.

°ŁAverage budget per a person; 2500 ~ 5000 yen
°Ł1000 yen is discounted by bring the coupon. (It limits to the eating and drinking of 5000 yen or more.)

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